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Health Officials Sweating Bullets Due to Increasing Vitamin D Deficiency

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Health Officials Sweating Bullets Due to Increasing Vitamin D Deficiency

Submitted by Dinesh Chandra Gaur on Tue, 01/17/2012 - 11:40

In an immensely shocking disclosure, a study, which was carried out recently by researchers from Victoria, has ended up revealing the fact that at least one out of three individuals in Australia are stranded when it comes to vitamin D. Though a variety of vitamins and minerals are needed for proper functioning of the human body, Vitamin D is one of the most vital ones and its deficiency can result in inspiring horrible consequences, as it is badly needed by the human body for keeping healthy bones. The research done by Victorian researchers, who were apparently working on the first ever nationwide research, ended up precisely demonstrating the fact that the majority of sun shunning practices being used these days has an extended tendency of inspiring a “major public health issue”.

On the other hand, people who are at extremely elevated risks related to the deficiency of vitamin D mainly take account of women, obese people, elderly people, as well as people belonging to non-European backgrounds. The research ended up revealing that low vitamin levels are directly allied to a broad category of health disorders, along those along the likes of cardiovascular ailments, osteoporosis and Type 2 diabetes.

As per rough speculations, almost three-quarters of individuals, out of the total 11,000 individuals who turned up to participate in the amazing and promising survey, were found having a deficiency of vitamin D, and were mainly deemed a bit too low for the most excellent musculoskeletal health.

In excess of one-third of people, mainly those aged 25 or more, are going through a scarcity of Vitamin D, as claimed by a fresh study that was done with the intent of assessing the prevailing standing of Vitamin D among adults in Australia.

While revealing his viewpoints regarding the benefits provided by the study and all possible pros and cons related to it, one of the lead researchers of the study, Prof. Peter Ebeling, asserted: “Vitamin D deficiency is recognized as a global public health problem but the population-based prevalence of deficiency and its reach in Australia has never previously been properly examined”.


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