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Third Monday of January Is Blue Monday

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Third Monday of January Is Blue Monday

Submitted by Kanika Mehta on Tue, 01/17/2012 - 07:59

Have you heard of Blue Monday? If no, then it is important for you to know that today is blue Monday. It is believed that the third Monday of January is depressing for most of the people. There is a psychological reason behind people feeling sad on third Monday of January.

It is believed that by third Monday of January, most of the people give up their New Year resolution and even forget to take in proper exercise for the well being of the body. Mr. Arnall, from the Cardiff University, discovered blue Monday six years ago.

However, it has been estimated that this year there would be more depressed people then there were last year. In January many people faces financial difficulties as they tend to spend allot more on the Christmas.

Those who are critical of the notion of blue Monday are of the view that the concept of blue Monday has been created by the travel and tourism company to attract customers. It is believed that the travelling firms try to attract customers by promising them of relaxing vacation which would ultimately add to their happiness.

There are some experts who call Mr. Arnall’s theory stupid and meaningless. However, while supporting the concept of blue Monday, Arnall said, "Motivational levels also tend to be quite low at this time of year. You've got something called the 'hibernation effect,' when people tend to be more lethargic, they eat more than they really need”.

The followers of Mr. Arnall’s theory leaves comment on their twitter and other social networking sites over the blue Monday and who it has affected their life. There are a large number of people who takes the concept quite seriously.


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