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Vaccination still available

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Vaccination still available

Published on January 17, 2012 Pam Snow

The Department of Health and Community Services sent out a reminder to residents on Tuesday that the seasonal influenza vaccination is still available throughout the province.

To receive the flu shot, contact your family physician or public health office.

The influenza vaccine is provided at no cost to high-risk individuals, including;

Adults and children with chronic conditions requiring regular medical or hospital care such as respiratory disorders, cardiac disease, renal disease, metabolic disorders and mobility impairment; Persons in residential care, including residents and staff; Persons age 60 and over; Children age six months to 23 months; Health care workers including those in the community or chronic care facilities; Essential service workers (e.g. police, ambulance, firefighters); Aboriginal people; Household contacts of people at high risk of influenza complications; Pregnant women; and, Poultry and swine industry workers.

The Department of Health and Community Services also encourage residents to practice the three principles of personal hygiene, Clean, Cove and Contain, to help prevent the spread of influenza during its peak season.

Thorough hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes and staying at home while sick are all preventative measures.

For further information on the seasonal vaccine, contact the regional health authority in your area.


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